College Freshman Dictionary

Words and definitions every college freshman should know

Before going to college there are some basic terms you should know, and how to appropriately use them so you don't look like an idiot, especially when talking to upperclassmen.

Before a party

Pre-Game(ing) - Drinking before a party to get a buzz going, so you don't show up sober. Usually done with friends and sometimes involves playing drinking games such as card games.

Power Hour - A form of pre gaming where participants do a shot (or take a drink) of beer every minute of the hour for 1 hour. (Approx 60 shots or sips of beer).

Party Terms

Keg - A large aluminum container that dispenses alcohol through a tap. The tap must be put on the keg, and then the tap gets pumped to pump air into the keg and force beer out. The beer is then poured into plastic cups or a pitcher.

Beer Bong - typically a plastic funnel with a clear rubber hose attached and usually creased in the middle. The hose is folded over, and one (or many) beer(s) is/are poured into the funnel and down the hose to where the hose is folded over. The end of the hose is put in the mouth and funnel is then raised above the head, and the beer is to be consumed as quickly as possible.

Jungle Juice - A drink that typically looks similar to hawiian punch or cool aid, but usually contains lots of hard alcohol. Different variations exist at different schools. The idea is to put as much hard alcohol in it as you can afford (Vodka, Grain Alcohol, Gin, whatever) and then put just enough juice in it so you are able to drink it.

Jello Shots - Vodka mixed with jello, typically poured into ice cube trays or small paper cups and cooled to make shots. Usually severed at parties via a tray. Be careful, you may not feel the effects right away but if you do a lot of these they can hit you all at once.

Later at Night

Late Night - A party scheduled to start after another party has ended.

Fraternity and Sorority

Mixer - A party where different organizations "mix" usually consisting of at least on fraternity and one sorority. Typically mixers are private parties where only members of the organizations can attend.


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