College Tips for Freshmen

A guide to college life and your college career

This section contains tips for college freshmen and other college students. These tips focus on life at college, and everything the college freshman has to deal with such as: classes, the cafeteria, parties and dorm life.

College Classes

Every freshman that attends college will become very familar with the term classes. Throughout college, students will learn the best way to schedule, prepare for, study for, and pass classes. Some will chose to cheat, some will choose to find the middle ground. Whatever you choose to do, there are some fundamental tips that cannot be overlooked.

The Cafeteria

The one place you are likely to see most of the college freshman is the cafeteria. Most upperclassmen are too sick of the cafeteria to eat there, so the majority of students that still eat there regularly are freshman and sophmores. The first few days or weeks you think the food is not that bad, but 3 meals a day every day, and you will sure enough get sick of it. The cafeteria is also a place to meet new people on campus, so be sure to dress nice (causal - dont over dress or you will look like a dork). Freshman tend to have their ID out in plain view displaying it like they just got an award. Look for people who dont have their ID around their neck, (these are the upper classmen) see what they do. If none of them have trays, dont grab a tray. Never go to the cafeteria alone. Try to go with a group of friends, or people you just met, in a big group, so you seem a lot cooler than just going by yourself.

College Parties

If you choose to engage in the night life at college, be aware college freshman are easy to spot by upper classmen. College freshman girls are usually targeted by upper classmen males, and usually get a lot of attention, and are invited to all the parties. Freshmen guys usually get the short end of the stick. Some parties will let in "random dudes" (this is you) which basically means they dont know you and they dont want to let you in unless you are rolling with a large group of girls, and they refuse to come in unless they let you in too. College parties are somthing to get used to, the dark dirty basement, games of beerpong and kegs, but soon they will become your typical thursday, friday and saturday night.

College Dorms

Dorms are the one unique time in a college freshman's life that they will be living in such close proximity with so many other people so close to their age. Now there are many things every freshman should know for surviving dorm life at your college or university. Many things such as picking your room, your room mate, what you should bring to college and other things should be addressed so you can be sure things work out your way. Typically dorm rooms are not very big, so it is very important you make the most of it, and get along with your room mate.

Additional College Tips

Find more college tips and information on how to survive college. Includes information on college classes, professors, studying and graduation.


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