College Guide To Dating - Find A Girlfriend Your Freshman Year

Be the Most Popular College Freshman

Follow these steps and you will become one of the most popular college freshman

After being in high school for four years, college freshman are sometimes uneasy and timid when entering their freshman year of college. This article will show you how to stand out from the crowd, and become well known at your new school. College freshman are usually filled with excitement for a new life, and being out own their own for the first time in your life. Many fail to realize it is very important to do key things that can make your college career the very best experience.

Where you are from

Before we can give you tips, you have to first understand where you are from and what has made you as a person so far in your life. Everything you know has been determined by your parents: Where you live, where you go to school, what friends you have, what your hobbies are... all determined by your parents. Your parents chose where you were to grow up, you made friends within the area that your parents chose to live, your hobbies were determined by activities in the area.

What being a college freshman is

Being a college freshman is your first chance on a level playing field to pick your own friends, do what you want to do, have control over your life to finally mold yourself into who you want to be. With this power comes discipline, because with the ability to change your life for the good, you also have the ability to change it for the bad (ex: dropping out). One of the most important lessons you will learn at college is time management and balance. As much as everyone would love to go out and party all day, you must discipline yourself to get your school work done, or else you days at college could be few and numbered.

Your past and reputation means nothing at college

Everything you have done in your life up until college means absolutely nothing. You will be starting over, you need to work hard to become well known. For some this provides a clean slate to forget some unpleasant things that may of happened in the past. Most likely, other students will only know what you do from that point on (and what you tell them), so try not to disclose anything that may come back and haunt you. (Tip: do not tell anyone past nicknames people called you in high school that you hated) You new job during your freshman year at college is to do the right things to get people to know you, like you, respect you, and make you one of the "popular kids on campus".

How to become popular

Become the popular college freshman everyone knowsThere is no guaranteed way to instantly become popular, but there are some guidelines to follow to help get off on the right foot.

College Guide To Dating - Find A Girlfriend Your Freshman Year

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