College Parties

A guide to college parties for a new freshman

A college freshman experience college parties for the first time within the first few weeks of the fall semester. College parties vary across Universities and social groups. At some schools fraternity houses throw the biggest and best parties, at other schools sports teams run the party scene. Additionally there are also the random houses that roll a keg in and invite everyone they know to their house, except for the kids out of drug treatment.

How to prepare

Typically people dress for college parties however they want to. Try to get in contact with an upperclassmen (male or female) and ask them what people usually wear. After attending a party or two you will figure out what the proper dress is. Girls typically wear a "going out" top which usually reveals much of the chest, and very tight jeans. Guys wear anything from a polo shirt and cargo shorts to a full button down and jeans.

College Party Preparation Tips:

Types of Parties

There are many types of essay rewriting service you will encounter, some schools are know for specific types of parties. Below is some information to try to catch you up on the basics of college parties, so you don't seem like a total idiot.

Standard Keg Parties

The most basic of college parties, the standard keg party usually consists of at least one keg, usually placed in the basement or in the kitchen. There is usually one or more people giving out or selling cups (at some schools you have to pay a few dollars for a cup to drink from the keg). Usually you will find interesting decor in the basement of college party houses such as (but not limited to:) stolen signs and banners, christmas lights, disco ball, club lights, black lights, and a beer pong and or flip cup table(s). Typically you will find puddles of old beer or "beer sludge" as some call it,

Theme Parties

Theme parties are similar to standard keg parties (they usually have one or more kegs) but there is a major difference. Someone actually did some work ahead of time to plan a theme. A theme usually dictates how the guests of the party dress or act during a party. Some themes involve costumes, props, and accessories (where guests come to the party already dressed for the event), while others are put into effect when the guests arrive.

Here are just a few types of college parties you may experience as a college freshman:

Additional College Party Information:

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