Freshman: What to Bring to College

Common things freshman should bring to college on move in day

As a freshman, figuring out what to bring to college can be quite a task in itself. After talking to your roommate, try to figure out who has the best of what (if your roommate has better stereo than you, leave yours at home). Remember: 99% of college dorm rooms are very small and cramped. Having extra stuff in your room can cause problems, and if your parents don't have a big car, you want to make sure you are bringing the most essential stuff.

Check with your college or university to see what they provide

A freshman moving their stuff to collegeFreshman typically get the worst rooms in the dorms (upper classmen who choose to stay in the dorms, pick the best rooms the year before, and freshman get what is left over). Make sure you find out everything there is to know about your dorm and what it has and it does not have.

Find out if the dorm rooms are carpeted or not. If its not, you should definitely buy a carpet, it will make your room much more comfortable, and feel less like an institution. Find out if your dorm is air conditioned or not (yes, some dorms today still do not have air conditioning) if yours does not: Bring many fans!

Most schools have network ready dorm rooms (internet hookups), but some do not. Find out early if your dorm has the internet, and if not start complaining now, because you will need it.

Find out what is not allowed in the dorms

Make sure you are only bringing things are allowed in the dorms. Some schools do not allow microwaves, hot plates, candles, and much more. There is no point bringing stuff that your parents will have to haul home. Most schools provide beds furniture, some provide mattresses, almost all require you buy your own sheets. Note: many schools dorm beds take a special (non-standard) sheet size - make sure you have the correct sheet size for your bed.

Things you (or your roommate) should bring:

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